For more than 20 years, AMT GOV has delivered value by providing best-in-breed hardware, software and service solutions, from providing technology products and upgrades to structuring large programs that involve bringing together partners from across the globe.

AMT GOV’s mission is to connect clients, technology, and people seamlessly and effectively. Within this mission, our goal is to help agencies, groups and individuals access and utilize solutions that enhance and support their ability to act and respond quickly and adeptly. What drives our mission is our ongoing desire to add greater value in situations that link and synch up communications, and to bring our customers the technology services and solutions they require to respond to real-world, 21st century needs. In many cases, our solutions help customers and their end-users complete actions that save lives, avert danger, and minimize the negative consequences of emergency and disaster situations.

We remain hardware and software agnostic, connecting clients and contractors to the products and services they require without forcing them into a decision based on a brand name. We fulfill the mandates associated with any technology program by bringing partners and products together to meet the specific needs of clients.

We remain at the service of clients and contractors through the life of a project and beyond. We support our trusted vendors and partners by including them in ongoing tech-related RFPs. We maintain our online shopping portal in an effort to help agencies and firms with smaller budgets find affordable technology solutions.

AMT GOV’s people create real technology solutions that meet and exceed the needs of our clients. Our structure allows us to move swiftly, and to respond to clients’ needs and/or the mandates of a project with resolve and efficiency.

Our culture is one of shared ownership, expertise, and responsibility. This reflects the overarching commitment that drives our mission. We follow through with a stream-lined approach to creating solutions, and remain independent in an effort to manage and lead programs that serve our clients’ true needs. Our shared ownership concept is impressed upon all of AMT GOV’s people, and drives our continued ability to operate differently than our larger competitors.

One of our greatest motivations is the desire to ensure that technology solutions reach the people who need them. Beyond wanting to do a good job, our experience has taught us that, in far too many instances, actual lives can be on the line.

We can help you communicate, collaborate and connect across systems, platforms and agencies.